DEW Venue



Selecting an apt venue for an event is as important as choosing the right apparel and assessories for the occasion. DEW can assist in finding the right venue across the length and breadth of India as well as overseas from our exhaustive data bank of venues suitable for all types of budgets and criteria irrespective of whether we are contracted for a full fledged event management package or purely specific services such as interiors/ decors and lighting schemes.

Gear up for a holiday of a lifetime. Make every moment of such abandon count. Choose to go on a holy pilgrimage to discover your spiritual self. Or on a holiday spree, to live your wildest dreams…Be it a national or an international destination. We are here to ensure that your hard-earned break from the monotony of life is well served with joy, pleasure and excitement like never before. So, come let DEW take you on a memorable ride!


  • Venue selection and considerations
  • Hall selections and working drawings
  • Seating arrangements
  • Inauguration/ Banquet venues
  • Trade and Industry venues Rooming and residential blocks
  • Meals and Banqueting
  • Convention Center
  • Conference Rooms
  • Main Halls
  • Guest Rooms
  • Travel and Stay go hand in hand with any kind of event. We understand the convenience of having your hotel rite next to the function hall for your guest who has just arrived after a long flight or just a mundane delay due to airport traffics around the world. They will bless you and in turn you will shower upon us your accolade. Arrangement from arrival of guests to their departure at the end of the event is taken care of by organizing excellent conveyance services and booking accommodation at the best hotels/guest houses etc that are not only the best in industry but will also suit your pocket.